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Youth Identity & Creative Expression
Strengthening Voices Through the Arts

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Drawing on his experience as a published author and educator, Rudy plans his workshops as opportunities for each participant to:

  • discover and strengthen their voice as a writer.

  • develop a love of words and language through learning the haiku form.

  • engage in community building with one another through a circle process, the writing process, and shared experience (deepening community bonds and support).

  • cultivate joy through expressing creativity in a space of supportive adults and peers.

  • foster intergenerational community and support for all involved.

Through a series of workshops, the Gobal Village Team leads young people to explore pain, healing, and personal power by tapping into their own stories told through poetry and music.

Radical Self-Love and Healing through Creation

Haiku Writers Social Justice Workshop

The poetry form of haiku requires us to transform complex ideas and emotions around social justice into three simple lines.​

Designed to be a space of healing, Rudy brings levity and an asset-based lens to his interactions with youth. This workshop is also encouraged as an intergenerational experience.

This workshop is especially meaningful for young people who are not experiencing connection within traditional educational settings.

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