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Building Community

Building Community

Community Conversations

13th Justice Series

Roderick Bankston facilitates a series of viewings and discussions of 13th, reflecting on the legacy of slavery, the politics of mass incarceration, our racialized identities and how it all fits within our current context. As an educator and restorative justice practitioner, Rudy also shares aspects of his personal story, work in education, and the criminal justice system.

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Healing Justice

Healing Justice, explores the causes and consequences of the current American justice system and its effect on marginalized communities. This powerful documentary  addresses the school-to-prison pipeline, the need for comprehensive criminal justice reform, and the importance of healing and restorative practices. Rudy shares aspects of his own story as he facilitates discussions on equity and justice inviting participants to engage in a window and mirror approach.

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Your Topic

Listen, hear, speak, be heard. Truly connecting with others, especially people with different lived experiences, can be transformative. Sharing space in this way brings us closer to each other and ourselves.​

Join Rudy Bankston as he facilitates a conversation for your group around a topic of your choosing. 


Participants explore the Seven Core Assumptions of Restorative Values and restorative justice as a paradigm shift through readings, short video clips, and small group discussion.

  • Thoughtfully curated quotes and weekly feedback from participants, shapes the conversation’s focus.

  • We reflect on how restorative practice translates in the family, community, workplace and schools.

  • In alignment with goals of eliminating inequities in education, participants are invited to reflect on how we can best support all students in creating and maintaining justice-centered learning environments where all students find connection and belonging.

  • We engage parents and community in conversations knowing it takes the whole village to work on shifting mindsets and building a restorative culture where all students have what they need to thrive.

Building Restorative Communities of Care Series



 "I liked the emphasis on limiting judgment (as possible) of others and oneself; it made me feel more willing to share/take a risk. I am much less concerned about being negatively judged than I was at the outset. Part of that was hearing from the community, and part was the compassionate foundation and letting us know that it's okay to "make mistakes." It was affirming to hear Rudy talk about approaching fear/discomfort (instead of avoiding) because this is one of the reasons that I have been inactive/not as strong of an advocate as I'd like to be (in many scenarios)."

"I am so glad that I decided to participate in this series. I had seen 13th a couple of times before, but somehow, splitting it up across three weeks really made me sit with it more. I found that themes and even quotations from the film were bubbling up for me in all kinds of other contexts and other conversations, and so in that way I think I was able to process it more than when I've just sat and watched it in one sitting. Rudy, your grace and strength in sharing your story with such vulnerability really floored me, and I appreciated your genuine interest in what participants thought and had to say. You model the value in restorative justice that there are "no throwaway people."

- Carla Oppenheimer, Educator

"A privilege to have Rudy as a facilitator. You will continue to reach people who, like me, need to have their world view and racial view expanded. Something that hit me at the very end of our discussion was what genius and will is required to overcome the dehumanization of prison, and perhaps of everyday life, for People of Color. To be able to forgive, and to not allow your oppressors to hold power over you is liberation. I have intense admiration for you, Rudy." 

- Mary Devitt, small business owner

“The impact that the presenter had on me can’t be explained in words.  I am overwhelmed, exhausted, angry, motivated, appreciative, grateful, and most of all, ready to spread the love.”

~Journey Mental Health Staffer

“I don't think this experience will ever leave me. It has left a great impression on me and I am grateful to have learned from Rudy directly and through the film with his guidance.”

- Carol Schaffer, Black Earth Library Director

“The structure - organization - and thought-provoking nature of the personal stories and connections to mass incarceration that Rudy brought to the sessions were amazing and transformative."

- Andrew Hartman, Middleton High School Social Studies Teacher

We've built community with...

  • Building Anti-Racist Student Activists

  • Shaarei Shamayim Congregation, Madison, WI

  • Aspiring Antiracists of Cross Plains and Rosemary Garfoot Public Library, Cross Plains, WI

  • Deforest School District, Deforest, WI

  • Madison-Area Episcopal Churches, Madison, WI

  • Stoughton School District, Stoughton, WI

  • Colorado Friends of Rudy Justice Group 

  • Innovative Schools Network Conference 

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