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Our Mission

Centered on Healing and Transformation

i am WE Global Village is committed to disrupting and dismantling the barriers and biases that prevent people from seeing each other's full humanity by creating and sustaining collaborative learning, healing, and growing spaces with a justice-centered approach. 

Our Why

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  • Healing is a universal need like water or air, part of the human condition.

  • Our world is in pain due to disconnection and marginalization.

  • People in pain experiencing disconnection often create and perpetuate harm in systems.

  • All people are equally in need of healing and restoration as all are implicated and affected by oppressive systems.

  • There is a need to disrupt separation and marginalization through a human-centered approach embodied in restorative justice practices.

Our What

We are a Dane-County based organization with experience in healing-centered approaches to oppressive systems. i am We Global Village offers facilitation, technical assistance, and collaborative personal and professional development.

Our primary focus is on groups and individuals seeking to understand, develop, implement, and deepen just and equitable practices.


Our How

  • i am We Global Village works to foster and support healthy relationships between people and within communities that may not otherwise have the opportunity to connect.

  • We do this by centering restorative justice values, joy, creativity, connection, self-reflection, equitable voice and multi-generational learning and meaning-making across all aspects of our work.

  • We are committed to a healing centered approach, prioritizing heart work over head work but recognizing the importance of both.

  • We don't have a prescribed agenda, rather we build from a collaborative strengths-based understanding of the unique goals of each individual and group. 

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