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Building Community

Our ability to build connections through sharing our stories creates a pathway to understanding.  We can create healthy communities when we center one another's humanity, even though we may not always agree. Listening from a foundation of reverence for each person's story, we build trust and co-journey toward mutual liberation.

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Building the foundation for a strong identity in young people is one aspect of creating a community where everyone can thrive.

Building a community of writers and artists creates the conditions for relationships that can become supports as young people grow into adulthood.

These opportunities offer an innovative approach, and are especially meaningful to young people who have not been traditionally centered in youth writing programs or youth leadership development.

13th Justice Series


Facilitated conversations around viewing the powerful film 13th, which explores the topic of mass incarceration and its links to slavery and racism in America. 

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Listen, hear, speak, be heard. Truly connecting with others, especially people with different lived experiences, can be transformative. Sharing space in this way brings us closer to each other and ourselves.​

Join Rudy Bankston as he facilitates a conversation for your group around a topic of your choosing. 


Rudy Bankston has a presence and energy that is uplifting, empowering and grounding, all at the same time.  Working with him has been a transformative experience and I find myself often reflecting back on key concepts and values that he has shared.  Rudy has helped me to see my worth and value as a leader, knowing that I am a continual work in progress, and that is a beautiful thing.   

Rudy is able to see the beauty and authenticity in all of us.  He helps to uplift the community and creates a sense of true belonging, to ourselves and each other.  After every session with Rudy, I feel empowered and hopeful and ready to continue this critical work. 

~Katrina Krych, Social Worker for the Sun Prairie School District and former principal of West Middleton Elementary

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